This Wednesday!

Dont forget Alison is showing some work at Nicolas Gallery this Wednesday! Go and check it out:

We have been extremely busy! As soon as we have some time we will update everyone on the things that are happening. I will give you one quick tip though. If you come across a Quesadilla maker, buy it! It is a very good investment. We are going to make our good friends Collin and Shellie some tonight for din-din. They are very good and easy to make with a Quesadilla maker.
Ok end of commercial. It is the little things that make me happy;)


Its Friday?

Working for myself these days its hard to remember what day is;) I dont really look forward to fridays any more, the days just seem to blur together. This is a good thing!

So Alison brought some of her work down to Nicolas gallery yesterday and found out that the opening is this wednesday 6-9 pm. So go and check it out.

Sigur ros just released their new album. You can get the mp3 version here:
This is my favorite art making music, and this new album is very good! I give it two thumbs up for sure.
So Ill leave you now with a video from sigur ros. Have a great weekend!

Busy day today.

Im working on making two very large canvases for a new commission that we got.
Alison is taking some of her work down to Nicolas gallery for an upcoming show.
I just found out that I am going to be having a pretty big show at ADC (Art Desing Consultants) gallery on October 31st. Look for new Black and white work coming for this one!
So thats that for now. Here is a pic of the In-progress stretcher Im making 36X84 inches:

Lots of stuff coming up!

We are kind of in a frenzy about how much we actually have going on.
Here is a list of upcoming events:
-Nicolas gallery show. Not sure when this one opens yet:
-Redtree show(this is a big one): opening July 11 @6
-Baker Hunt flower show for hospice benefit:TBD
Ok, so even though we dont know some opening dates yet, we know when we have to drop off the work. We have been Bustin-it-out! Here are some pics of WIP and recently finished work.
Also a big shout out to my mom for hooking us up with TONS of picture frames. Saved us a lot of $$.

alison’s first blog–the virgin mary

okay, so this is my first blog–please bear with me, i am really bad about remembering to capitalize pronouns and beginnings of sentences;)
evan has been on me about posting my thoughts on this new art pocket blog thing, and so i guess I’ll start by talking a little bit about 2 of the paintings in the photo he took yesterday morning. there are 4 in-progress paintings in the photo: left – a painting of the virgin mary, middle – a painting of angel wings, above on the mantle – a painting of the sun setting in my back yard after a storm, and right – a painting of eve.
(see photo below for reference).

About a year ago, God put it on my heart to begin painting scenes from the bible. Historically, the church has commissioned artists to do this, creating visualizations of characters and settings from biblical writings. And even though these days many churches aren’t into commissioning artists, it is my goal to continue in this art historical tradition any way, taking some of the popular stories from the bible and putting them into a contemporary visual context.

So I’ve started this biblical series of women of the bible, with Eve and Mary being amongst the first ones I’m depicting. I feel that one of the reasons I began with women is to help restore health and spirit to popular notions of femininity and beauty. Sometimes I think that the western world’s whole view of women has been formed out of some misconceptions about what these two women were like. i will ruminate more on this topic soon, i promise! but for now, i have quite enough to say about the painting of mary.

so the painting i’m working on in the photo is of mary pregnant with jesus. and yes, she’s naked.
i know that many folks, especially my christian brothers and sisters would be shocked or even find this scandalous. well, my response to these kinds of reactions would be this:

we come out of the womb naked. adam and eve before the fall were naked. god didn’t knit us in the womb with clothes on.
and by the way, i’m really not into making contreversial art. and i really don’t enjoy confrontation either. but as a figure drawing instructor, i perhaps see the human body through different perceptual lenses. to me, the human body is a miracle, evidence of god’s workmanship, artistry and beauty. and the fact that god came to this world, hung out in a womb, became a baby, a todler, a child, a teenager, and a grown man, all in a human body is absolutely amazing when you think about it!
i mean, how humble can you get? the almighty god who made the heavens and the subatomic particles, experienced the plight of his human creation!

so this is part of the reason that i wanted to paint mary in the fullness of her pregnancy–to show what a loving and beautiful thing it was for god to do, to become as weak and helpless as a babe in womb. and i also wanted to take mary out of the stained glass and show her humanity too. she was a woman with an incredible responsibility and honor. but yes, she was a WOMAN and no doubt looked like many pregnant women do, with a round belly and swollen ankles and the special ‘glow’ that only a mother-to-be can emanate.
over a year ago, my friend tiffany modeled for me in her 8th month of pregnancy. we did a photo session in my house and it was one of the coolest things i’ve ever experienced. i looked at her body in wonder. this tiny girl-woman i’ve known for over 10 years had all of a sudden stepped into this gorgeous mode of womanhood that left me awe-struck. she had a new strength and beauty i’d never seen before in her. and i thought “WOW, how cool is it that god lets us little human beings co-create with him! How amazing is it that he’s given woman the experience of carrying a life in her belly!”

Music on my zune.

Ok, Im going to pick up my zune and write down what I listen to when Im painting. Note: this is Evan writing this post, Alisons answers would be different, hence my headphones;)

Artist: Iron and wine, David gray, Radiohead, Air, Royksopp, Dave Gahan, The postal service, the knife, cold play, seal, ladytron, Doves, Ratatat, Sigur ros(of course!), massive attack, Godspeed you black emperor, zero 7, mogwai, caspian, explosions in the sky, switchfoot, starfield, pink floyd, peter gabriel, depeche mode, duran duran, tears for fears and gorillaz!

So thats the list. SOme have more songs from the artist, some have less, some may only have one song from the artist. It is a good list for me though, if a song comes on Im not feeling I delete it, so most of the stuff I can just zone out to and paint.

This week Im hoping to be post som emore WIP pics. We have a lot going on, so keep checking back for updates.
Also, if you dont mind, go through our website to get here so that it picks up the hits. We need as much traffic as we can get! Just click on the “blog” icon, duh!