Final Friday!?

Im heading down to final friday tonight if anyone wants to come with me. Let me know and maybe we can meet up and check out some art together! Ill be leaving around 7.

Have a good weekend everyone. Try and stay safe.


Installed Work

You dont always get to see what your work looks like in someones home.  Today I installed two pieces Alison and I did for a home in Mainville.  They were custom work done specifically for each space.  I think they turned out great! 

Just after;) With Undies

Good News!

Yesterday we got confirmation from the Fine Arts Funds, that Sayler Park has been given $2K to do a centennial mural!
This is exciting because, not only did Alison write the grant, I am probably going to be the one painting it. I already have so many ideas about what to do.
I also had an interview yesterday at Artworks to work on one of their Mural works projects.
If or when;) I get hired to do that, it will be a big daddy mural. Ill leave you all the link to check them out.
Well we are off today to drop off some more paintings to Voltage furniture. Fun things are going on, hope they keep coming.

book art

here are some images from an altered book i made a few years ago. i’ve been wanting to make them into paintings for a while, and am planning to start very soon! i’m excited!

altered books are a great way to free up your mind and are a ‘low pressure’ way to experiment with subject matter, texture and media.

with this piece, i did a lot of cutting and abrading of the surface. i taped several pages of the book together and then cut into them with an exacto knife. then i painted them, rubbed graphite, charcoal, pastell over them and made a wonderful mess! lots of fun!
i’m hoping that i’ll be able to mimmick these same effects when i turn it into a painting:)