New Abstract anyone?

Here is a new one I just did. Got kind of messy, I like that! 60X48 inch Mixed media on canvas.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


We have been busy!

Wow, I was keeping up with this. Things have really been ramping up.
We had a really cool thing happen yesterday. Our friend Litsa at Art Design Consultants hooked us up with a really cool gig. Alison and I got to display our work for the Cincinnati Opera board at music hall! It was such a good experience to show our work and meet many of the board members. They were all so nice and really appreciative of us having our work there. They also had two opera singers there doing a couple of songs. It is amazing that the human voice can sound so awesome all by itself. What a gift it was to hear them.
Anyways it was really a wonderful experience and we just wanted to thank Litsa and the Opera board for getting it together.
Also, dont forget to go and check out ADC on final Fridays at the Pendleton building. They are in the annex across the alley.

Saturdays unexpected surprise!

We had an unexpected surprise Saturday when Amy Storer-Scalia called us wondering if we knew about getting art for a charity event that was happening in 4 hours. Amy is the editor and publisher of Cincy Chic, an on line lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area. agency was suppose to have art for the event, but because of a mis-communication was unable to. She was told the person to contact was named Alison. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, my Alison was not the same contact. Amy just knew that we were artist so she gave us a call.
I told her that Alison was not the same “Alison”, but that we would be able to donate a painting to charity for her.
She was thrilled and we were placed on the guest list for the event.
The night turned out to be a very good one and we were able to help out a wonderful charity, The American Heart Association.
Here are a couple of photos from the night at Twist lounge! You can see even more on Cincy Chic’s website. We love it when things go wrong;)
Amy said that the painting raised the most money of all the items that were auctioned off.
Thanks again Amy for the opportunity. We had a blast!

finished painting

so this morning, i went and dropped off the tree painting at art design consultants.  the interior desiner wanted something similar to my blue wing, but with a tree as the subject instead.  i’m hoping that they will like it!

the wing:

the tree:

One of Alisons new paintings and my interpretation of it;)

It represents us humans resting in the spirit of Gods love for us. When we realize Gods love, it produces rest. When we are able to rest, we produce fruit, a metaphor for bringing love into this physical realm of reality. Not just love as a thought, but as an action verb. Loving and helping others, thinking of others needs first etc..
The painting is cyclical because when that happens it produces more rest(rest from fear,stress and worry, which ultimately is all just based in fear) which in turn produces more fruit.
If you notice behind her neck there is sort of a pipe that is coming into her and shooting out light from her head. That represents us being a conduit for Gods love to flow through us.