New work, new show

Here are some new pieces Ive been working on.  They will be showing at Taza Coffee house in Clifton.  I will be installing the show tomorrow, so go down and check it out, the pictures never do art justice.
Alison and I have been getting a lot of work done lately, so we have been pretty swamped. She is working on a new series that I cant wait to show everyone! They are already looking awesome! Ill post a sneak peak of a WIP at the end of this blog.
I hope everyone out their in cyberland is doing well! Thanks so much for coming back and checking our blog out. We have so much more beauty to show all of you.
Until next time, God bless!


Conquering the canvas!

I just made three stretchers and Im  going to make many more this week! Hope I dont scare any of the children out there with my morning hair due;)
So I should have some updates soon of some works in progress and some completed work. Alison also has a few that I still need to photograph.
Also, check back soon for a show update. Ill be showing some work at Taza in the month of April. Lots of brand new stuff!
In other news, our good friend Renan picked up some of our work last week and used it for a photo shoot. She is a designer and uses us for quite a bit of work! The cool thing she only took the paintings to the shoot, she didnt bring them back. Thats because four of them sold! Yes, we did celebrate this success! Renan REALLY hooked us up. We should have photos to post soon.
Until next time, I hope everyone out there is doing well. Keep coming back, I should have new stuff to post soon!