New Flower Paintings by Alison

I have always loved the Dutch still life paintings from the 1600’s.  One might also think of Georgia O’Keefe when looking at my flower paintings.  The love for flowers, however, first started for me with gardening.  There is a relationship between making art and tending the earth . . . both are creative acts, both require discipline, patience and surrender.   I see making art and gardening as very meditative and restorative acts. Some of the flowers below are based on photos I took from flowers in my own yard; others are from beautiful flowers I photographed in my travels.

A petunia is a pretty common little annual flower, but it was on a trip to visit my unc le in the gorgeous island of Mallorca that I discovered the quiet beauty of this little white flower.
This iris is from my backyard . . . it has the most delicious smell every May when it blooms. Photobucket
And this tiny little beauty is a sweet little Parade Rose that grows in my back yard in an old hollowed out tree stump.