Beginning Portraiture Class!

2. Faces of Eve--Imaculee in the Spirit.  30 x 22. charcoal and acrylic on paper -
Come join me for a beginning Portrait Drawing class at Bromwell’s!
Alison will be taking her college-level curriculum and condensing it to fit into this 6 week course. Students will learn the fundamentals of portrait drawing. The first class will cover basic proportions and general anatomy of the human face.
In the second class, we will also study the works of master artists and discover some of their approaches to portraiture. Classes will also include drawing from a plaster cast and drawing from a live model. This will help lay the groundwork for drawing both from life and from photography. Students will gain the tools necessary for creating a likeness in portraiture.

Classes are Thursdays 430-630pm November 7th, 14th, 21st and December 5th, 12th and 19th.
*Class time may be subject to change, depending on student consensus. However, the dates are set.
Cost is $275 for 12 hours of instruction with Alison, which includes easels and the model fee.
Students will supply their drawing boards, paper and drawing materials.
Minimum number of students is 4. Maximum is 7.

Contact Alison now to register! or 513-316-4226

24. fig drw. storyboard hmwk 2 (photo-based)
15. fig drw--head hand studies. martha carroll

drawing board
different kinds of erasers: white plastic, pink pearl, kneadable, retractable or electric eraser
vine or willow charcoal
compressed charcoal sticks: pastel sticks like alpacolor charkole and general’s compressed or conte noir
2B and 6B charcoal pencils
18 X 24 white paper (90 lb. weight is a good thickness)
a few sheets of toned paper, such as canson flannel gray or dark gray

Optional: if the student is comfortable with graphite or watercolor, perhaps bring a woodless graphite pencil, lyra stick, payne’s grey watercolor paint and watercolor paper.


The Mural was a great experience!

wooden boat shop mural

It was so cool to make this mural in my community. In many ways this was a dream come true for me. It gave me an opportunity to emulate the illustrative style of one of my favorite artists, N.C. Wyeth. And it’s a wall in my neighborhood that I’ve been looking to paint for years. I am very grateful to the Sayler Park Village Council and Butch Davis of the Wooden Boat Shop for making this mural a possibility! Thank you to the community and to the Sayler Park Historical society for your financial support of the scaffolding. And I’m thankful for all of the logistical help from my husband and the guys at the boat shop and at Parnell’s. All of you have helped me make this mural a reality, and for that I am very grateful!

For more pics of the mural and the unveiling, you can visit my facebook mural album here.