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It’s the time of year to give BACK Good Stuff.  We are so blessed this holiday season, but there are many who are not.   Want to help me help those who are in need?   The wonderful Bromwell’s crew is helping me create a way way to share some of the good stuff this season with others.   When you buy a piece of art from my unique collection of Cincinnati Icons, priced $150-$175, 20% of the purchase price of all of these pieces goes to City Gospel Mission.

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Find out more about their great work at, and visit the store to select one of these thoughtful gifts right off the gallery wall.  Bromwell’s is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio at 117 West Fourth Street.

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Hope begins with a meal, shelter and lifesaving care.  When you give to City Gospel Mission, you are helping provide someone with food, shelter, recovery, and education.  This wonderful organization is doing some amazing things to transform our city:

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Big Ideas!

Hello friends and family! I wanted to write to tell you about an exciting idea that I am getting ready to launch and I need your help!

This past September, Alison and I went to Ensenada, Mexico to help the organization, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), to build a house for a young single mother Guadalupe (Lupe) and her son, Giovanni. YWAM builds over 1000 houses every year for people who are in extreme need. We were able to see first hand what a great organization they are and how much good they do for everyone involved in their community.    It was quite an experience that left an indelible mark on both of our hearts.
During the last night of our stay in Mexico our minds began racing about how we could continue support for such an incredible organization and to help so many families. For Alison and I it has always been a big thing to give back in some way to those less fortunate than us.
As we began thinking, an idea that I have been developing for over a year popped into my head. I came up with an idea to create small affordable works, 8×10 inches, that I could sell and split the proceeds between a charity and myself. Each limited edition piece would cost $150 and I would split the proceeds where the charity got the bulk of the cut– they would get $100 from every piece sold. After doing some pretty simple math, my mouth dropped and I could not believe how much we could make for charity if we only sold even a small amount. If we sold 1000 pieces, the charity would get $100,000!
As soon as I got home I went to work. I produced around 100 studies to figure out what kind of art I would want to make in bulk. What I came up with really blew me away!
IMG_9876 IMG_9874 IMG_987310848038_10152512587466723_7366420748311230520_n10857841_10152519613016723_1759718730766510674_n
They were all so beautiful and even looked good as a set. I call them gems or geodes and they are absolutely beautiful.
I am currently in the process of making my first 1000 limited edition pieces and have already produced around 100 studies.  I have also hired 2 students that worked with me on The Strong Man mural in OTR this past summer as helpers.  Not only can I make a living wage with this project, but I will also be employing artists and will be able to give a large donation to charity! All of this for purchasing a great piece of art, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved!
It is so exciting to see the possibilities of this project, but I need your help.  In order for me to continue, I will need more supplies and a bit more money to pay for help that I am using to create these pieces. I currently have around 100 pieces already made, and another 400 in various stages of completion. If I can sell 100 or more by the end of the year, I will certainly be able to buy more supplies, pay my workers and produce 1000 pieces, which will put me well on the way to my first goal of donating $100,000 to charity!
If $150 is something you can afford for a piece of art, I humbly ask you to consider purchasing one of my “Gems” to help this project move forward.  I will be at my studio every Saturday from 10-4pm between now and the end of the year.  Please consider stopping by to see what we are up to and purchasing one of my works of art.  I can not wait to hand over a check for $100,000 to help build more houses for the neediest among us.
My studio is on the 3rd floor of Bromwell’s downtown at 117 west 4th Street. I will be at the studio every Saturday between 10am and 4pm. Also feel free to email me any questions at