The Lotus Installation–Can you take me high enough?!

This was a pretty intense installation for us.  Evan and our client’s father were the brave ones up on the scaffolding.   My role was to hand them the paintings (I only climbed to the first and second tiers) and to take photos.   (You can also see our Monarch painting in the living room in this photo!)


This may give you an idea of how high up Evan was when he put up the french cleat:


Whew!  First painting installed!  It took five of us to hoist this baby up in the air!  Our client commented that it seems like you have to work out and bit fit to be an artist–how true!

IMG_1673  IMG_1671

A view from the second floor.  It looks beautiful!

IMG_1689  IMG_1690

And now for the other side:  A view from the second floor, trying to decide on the spacing between them.


Up they went-they look so light and airy in the space!

IMG_1688   IMG_1686

The drips on the lily pads looked so perfect with the cables on the chandelier and the lights almost seem to mimic the petals of the lotuses!

view from 1st floor right side   view from 1st floor. zoom

What an exciting ride it is to be an artist!  It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.  But it’s incredibly rewarding!



Our latest collaboration!

These paintings are inspired by my trip to the Abbey of Gethsemani, a very peaceful and spiritual monastery in New Haven, Kentucky.   The monks there have made a beautiful contemplative nature trail full of hidden treasures.  It was serendipitous that on one of my visits to the abbey, the lotuses in the pond on the nature trail were in bloom.  I snapped some photos and found out when I got back that one of our most supportive clients wanted me and Evan to make some lotus paintings for him and his wife 🙂  This seemed like divine timing!

Gethsemani lotus panorama. right side

It’s interesting to me that the bible mentions the lotus in the book of Job, a story of suffering, loss, and also of renewal and restoration.   I wonder if the monks know that the lotus is able to endure incredibly harsh conditions, even severe drought.  Just when the lotuses in the Jordan seem to be dead because of the water drying out, the rain comes and their enormous rhizomes seem to resurrect and come back to life at the first sign of water.  There’s a wonderful explanation of the Judeo-Christian symbolism of the lotus in this blog.

So Evan and I were commissioned to make 3 paintings that are 8 feet wide each.  The paintings were created specifically for their dining room, which has a cathedral ceiling.  Here’s a sketch I did to prepare for two of the paintings that are a kind of horizontal diptych (you might recognize the lotus above on the right side of the top sketch):


We also did a collaborative painting to study the kind of techniques we wanted to incorporate for this commission.  (This is a 3 x 4 foot study for the 6 x 8 foot commission.  The study is hanging at Bromwell’s and is available for sale.)  The study was a little too dark for the space and we decided that on the big painting, we would make it brighter.  (Scroll to the bottom of the post for the final 6 x 8 painting!)

Lotuses of Gethsemani 2

This client has been incredibly gracious to us–they have bought several of Evan’s abstracts and also our collaborative painting of the Life Cycle of a Monarch:

Life Cycle of the Monarch

Here is the final version of each painting!  We are so happy with how they turned out!

The Light of Renewal Spirit Breathe Like the Wind

Lotuses of Gethsemani- Here, Now



* Gifts for the Holidays *



Evan has been busy in the studio making hundreds of painting sketches, exploring new ideas and new directions for his work.  The result has been some beautiful innovations in his larger works, as well as a studio full of small paintings!

12310547_10153222474746723_5776536298421737784_n    12294893_10153222475011723_5887105010666315041_n

In an effort to clean out the studio for 2016 and make room for more work, he will be selling these small pieces for very affordable prices.  These beautifully unique and one of a kind paintings are perfect gifts for the holiday season!



Every work of art you purchase helps us to pursue our dreams, and when you buy our work, you are investing in an object made by two people who are committed to continual improvement and growth.  Because of our commitment to excellence, your investment will continue to appreciate in value as the years go by.

Recently, we made a major investment in our careers by participating in two very prestigious art fairs in San Diego and Miami,  Art Spectrum.   These Spectrum fairs are a great opportunity for us to get our work seen by wider audiences and we are very grateful for the chance to do this through the efforts of the wonderful team of  folks at Art Design Consultants.  You can help us with the costs of these investments by purchasing our work.  Every piece of art you buy helps us to stay creative and keep making work.  We appreciate your support more than you know!


This brings us to the next exciting topic of news:

The Collaborative Art of Evan and Alison at Art Spectrum Miami!

We are happy to share with all of you that we are showing several pieces at Spectrum Miami this week, December 2-6, including Day Lilly Metamorphosis!
This will be our first time showing our collaborative work outside of Cincinnati and we are excited to see the reaction to our work.

Day Lily Metamorphosis. Shepard Hildebrandt

If you cannot make it to Miami, Evan and I have a brand new show up at Bromwell’s right now with lots of new work. The Holidays are a great time to visit Bromwell’s, so we hope you can make it down to see the show.  We are both very proud of this show and have several collaborative pieces in it.

12107830_460068974203438_3598493663210723903_n   IMG_4388


We also plan to have lots of smaller, art gift items available at Bromwell’s starting this weekend.  If you are looking for a unique hand made gift item or if you want to start your art collection, these art pieces will be perfect for you!  Stop by Bromwell’s this Saturday to see the show, the beautiful Christmas decor, and for a private tour of our studio!

IMG_9876    IMG_9873




We have also just completed our newest collaborative website and have updated both of our personal websites with a new look and new content!
You can view our personal sites here: and here:

We are currently accepting commissions for 8 x 10 collaborative paintings of birds that combine abstraction and realism.  If you would like to find out more about these paintings, or would like commission one, email us at

Bird Lover 1    Bird Lover 3

Abstract backgrounds by Evan and birds by Alison