The Lotus Installation–Can you take me high enough?!

This was a pretty intense installation for us.  Evan and our client’s father were the brave ones up on the scaffolding.   My role was to hand them the paintings (I only climbed to the first and second tiers) and to take photos.   (You can also see our Monarch painting in the living room in this photo!)


This may give you an idea of how high up Evan was when he put up the french cleat:


Whew!  First painting installed!  It took five of us to hoist this baby up in the air!  Our client commented that it seems like you have to work out and bit fit to be an artist–how true!

IMG_1673  IMG_1671

A view from the second floor.  It looks beautiful!

IMG_1689  IMG_1690

And now for the other side:  A view from the second floor, trying to decide on the spacing between them.


Up they went-they look so light and airy in the space!

IMG_1688   IMG_1686

The drips on the lily pads looked so perfect with the cables on the chandelier and the lights almost seem to mimic the petals of the lotuses!

view from 1st floor right side   view from 1st floor. zoom

What an exciting ride it is to be an artist!  It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.  But it’s incredibly rewarding!



Meditation Gallery Talk at Wash Park Art Gallery

Here’s an insight into our artists’ brains!

Evan and I hope you enjoy this view behind the scenes of where we draw our inspiration (individually as artists) and the process of collaboration as husband and wife.

This talk was filmed by Evan Mauntel at Holly Doan Spraul’s beautiful gallery in downtown Cincinnati, Wash Park Art.



Mural Day 19

Evan came up with the idea of adding a compass to the door of the shop, and I thought that this was a great idea! I love compasses, especially for their metaphorical meaning. Last year, I finished up a large scale self portrait that has a compass in it. It’s pretty neat as an artist when you start to recognize certain themes in your work. This was a spiritual piece about finding my true north:

Here is the start of the compass on the Wooden Boat Shop:
Misc 237

Mural Days 17 & 18

I spent these days working on creating transitions between colors in the water. The wall gets sun all day, and it’s very hot– unless it’s overcast, the cinder blocks kind of bake the paint on most days. So it makes blending very close to impossible. But what is really neat is that Novacolor (the company who makes the paint I used) has a varnish that can be used to glaze more translucent layers of color. These translucent layers create the illusion of blending and subtlety–especially from a distance. It was so good for me as an artist to constantly back up from my work and look at it form far away–it really made me aware of the big movement (gestalt) of the whole piece. Another benefit is that I haven’t had to wear my glasses nearly as much when I read. I think that the mural has given my eyes a good workout and has actually helped me to see better!
Misc 503
Misc 504

Mural Day 10

It has truly been a busy summer so far! My time off from Thomas More has been very much full of work! And although I’m ready for a little respite, I am so incredibly GRATEFUL for the work I’ve done these last weeks on the mural and getting prepared for the flower painting classes. It has been such a wonderful experience! The flower painting workshop at my home is full, but there is still room in the one I’m teaching at Bromwell’s on Wednesdays 430-7. Feel free to email me for more info:

Here’s an image of Day 9:
day 10