Meditation Gallery Talk at Wash Park Art Gallery

Here’s an insight into our artists’ brains!

Evan and I hope you enjoy this view behind the scenes of where we draw our inspiration (individually as artists) and the process of collaboration as husband and wife.

This talk was filmed by Evan Mauntel at Holly Doan Spraul’s beautiful gallery in downtown Cincinnati, Wash Park Art.




We have been busy!

Wow, I was keeping up with this. Things have really been ramping up.
We had a really cool thing happen yesterday. Our friend Litsa at Art Design Consultants hooked us up with a really cool gig. Alison and I got to display our work for the Cincinnati Opera board at music hall! It was such a good experience to show our work and meet many of the board members. They were all so nice and really appreciative of us having our work there. They also had two opera singers there doing a couple of songs. It is amazing that the human voice can sound so awesome all by itself. What a gift it was to hear them.
Anyways it was really a wonderful experience and we just wanted to thank Litsa and the Opera board for getting it together.
Also, dont forget to go and check out ADC on final Fridays at the Pendleton building. They are in the annex across the alley.


I need some sun! Its been good though, Ive been making lots of canvases in these dark days. Alison just finished 3 pieces and Im working on my second. I will post them soon.
Thats it for now though, dont forget to look at my previous post about the fund raiser this Saturday, December the 20th. Alison and I are planning on going to the comet afterwards for the Steve Schmidt Christmas show. We went last year and you will not want to miss it!
Let us know if you would want to join.

Ok, one last thing. Check out this artist;)


Ok, we have a lot going on! Thats why Ive been slacking on this blog. I will be updating everyone with some fun stuff going on soon.
One date to put on your calender is Friday, December 12, 2008 from 6-9pm @ Redtree gallery. Its a juried show, so I havent been selected yet, but I have high hopes;) Ive sold a lot of work with this gallery, and Im going to be making up some really cool pieces for this show. Im also going to be making the work a little less expensive so you can get a great gift for Christmas. Check out their website for more details:
Ill leave you today with another cool website Ive found. Its a blog with some really cool content!


Alison and I will be taking work down to ADC today for our show on the 31st.
I also got a mural project to work on through the Sayler Park Arts Council!!! Im very excited about doing it. Its not huge, 8’X12′, which is actually a good thing. That way Ill be able to work on it inside this winter. Ill keep everyone posted on the progress.
In the meantime, here are some really cool sites I have found while doing research into how to do this mural.

Thursday links.

Ok, so I gave you a good website last week that you can stay on for hours at a time. You thought there was only one!? THink again, Art is a conprehensive website of some of the greatest master artist in history. This one might actually have even more stuff on it than the last one!
When you get on this site, first check out the artist named William Bouguereau. You wont be let down! Below is a sneak peak at his work. Enjoy!