* Gifts for the Holidays *



Evan has been busy in the studio making hundreds of painting sketches, exploring new ideas and new directions for his work.  The result has been some beautiful innovations in his larger works, as well as a studio full of small paintings!

12310547_10153222474746723_5776536298421737784_n    12294893_10153222475011723_5887105010666315041_n

In an effort to clean out the studio for 2016 and make room for more work, he will be selling these small pieces for very affordable prices.  These beautifully unique and one of a kind paintings are perfect gifts for the holiday season!



Every work of art you purchase helps us to pursue our dreams, and when you buy our work, you are investing in an object made by two people who are committed to continual improvement and growth.  Because of our commitment to excellence, your investment will continue to appreciate in value as the years go by.

Recently, we made a major investment in our careers by participating in two very prestigious art fairs in San Diego and Miami,  Art Spectrum.   These Spectrum fairs are a great opportunity for us to get our work seen by wider audiences and we are very grateful for the chance to do this through the efforts of the wonderful team of  folks at Art Design Consultants.  You can help us with the costs of these investments by purchasing our work.  Every piece of art you buy helps us to stay creative and keep making work.  We appreciate your support more than you know!


This brings us to the next exciting topic of news:

The Collaborative Art of Evan and Alison at Art Spectrum Miami!

We are happy to share with all of you that we are showing several pieces at Spectrum Miami this week, December 2-6, including Day Lilly Metamorphosis!
This will be our first time showing our collaborative work outside of Cincinnati and we are excited to see the reaction to our work.

Day Lily Metamorphosis. Shepard Hildebrandt

If you cannot make it to Miami, Evan and I have a brand new show up at Bromwell’s right now with lots of new work. The Holidays are a great time to visit Bromwell’s, so we hope you can make it down to see the show.  We are both very proud of this show and have several collaborative pieces in it.

12107830_460068974203438_3598493663210723903_n   IMG_4388


We also plan to have lots of smaller, art gift items available at Bromwell’s starting this weekend.  If you are looking for a unique hand made gift item or if you want to start your art collection, these art pieces will be perfect for you!  Stop by Bromwell’s this Saturday to see the show, the beautiful Christmas decor, and for a private tour of our studio!

IMG_9876    IMG_9873




We have also just completed our newest collaborative website shepbrandt.com and have updated both of our personal websites with a new look and new content!
You can view our personal sites here: http://www.alisonshepardart.com/ and here: http://www.evanhildebrandtart.com/

We are currently accepting commissions for 8 x 10 collaborative paintings of birds that combine abstraction and realism.  If you would like to find out more about these paintings, or would like commission one, email us at shepbrandt@gmail.com

Bird Lover 1    Bird Lover 3

Abstract backgrounds by Evan and birds by Alison



Portrait of a Soul

logo portrait of a soul

“Every child has the right to feel special. Portrait of a Soul provides these young heroes with the opportunity to shine like a star. ”

-Sue Schaefer

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Evan and I have had such a wonderful time working with Cincinnati philanthropists, Lee and Sue Schaefer, founders of Portrait of a Soul.  Portrait of a Soul is a non-profit organization that pairs artists with children and young adults who were born with craniofacial conditions.  Each artist spends time getting to know the child and then paints a portrait of them that depicts their inner and outer beauty.

Check out this wonderful news clip about Portrait of a Soul that features an interview with Logan Brinson, his mom Rene, and Lee Schaefer in our beautiful art studio at Bromwell’s:  New organization redefines portrait of healing. Organization provides patients optimistic outlet.

10669036_941407302545589_8101475724992605936_o  Loren

This has been such a special experience for me and Evan.  It has been a creative endeavor that has enlarged our hearts with love and hope and purpose.  Painting Logan and Loren has been one of the most important things we have ever done.

We hope that on on Saturday, June 13th, you will join us between 10am-3pm at Eisele Gallery to see the many wonderful portraits of these children by some of Cincinnati’s top artists.

Eisele Gallery is located at 5729 Dragon Way, Cincinnati, OH 45227

For more information, be sure to visit Portrait of a Soul on Facebook and Portrait of a Soul’s website



Meditation Gallery Talk at Wash Park Art Gallery

Here’s an insight into our artists’ brains!

Evan and I hope you enjoy this view behind the scenes of where we draw our inspiration (individually as artists) and the process of collaboration as husband and wife.

This talk was filmed by Evan Mauntel at Holly Doan Spraul’s beautiful gallery in downtown Cincinnati, Wash Park Art.



The Struggle to Become Who We Already Are: Self Portrait, by Evan Hildebrandt

7-14 7367-14 741
7-14 743
This is a collaborative piece I did with Alison. She painted the figure and I made the abstract elements of the painting and constructed the pyramid sculptures. Each translucent pyramid contains a sculpture embedded within it: a fist (the power or will of man), a sphere (the breath and transience of man), and a skull (the intellect and pride of man). We wanted to revisit the idea behind the Vitruvian man showing off the perfect proportions of the human body, exploring both the divine harmony and beauty of these ideas, as well as the folly of the human ego.
7-14 7467-14 7457-14 747
7-14 735
7-14 7347-14 755
7-14 754
7-14 750
7-14 733
7-14 730
7-14 749
7-14 758
The struggle to become who we already are: A self portrait.
Taken as a whole, the exhibit is a portrait of one human experience expressed though the creation of art, the specific life experience of me, artist Evan Hildebrandt. Family, friends, spirituality, social issues, science, life and death are expressed through various mediums and imagery to give myself a better understanding of who I am and what life is about.
My work is a practice in education, teaching myself about subjects through the creation of art. I do not set out to make a work for the enjoyment of the viewer–although I hope that the viewer does enjoys the work and gains from it—it isn’t necessarily made for the viewer. The work is made for me to come to a greater understanding of whatever subject I choose through the creative mode of learning. I do not intend to be a teacher, but a student.
The sheer act of creating allows me to meditate on and ponder whatever subject it may be that I hope to gain a better knowledge of. Through this act of creation, I am better able to understand the subject on a level that cannot be achieved through written knowledge, meditation or observation alone. The physical act of creating the work brings forth deeper revelations about the subject on which I am working. Many times even after the works are complete, new revelations come forth and new understandings are achieved.
With the series, The Struggle to become who we already are: A Self Portrait, I intended to look deeply into the age old question of who am I and have produced a series of work that I believe has given me a better understanding of this question.

Adam and Eve: A Portrait of Humanity, by Alison Shepard

The Carnegie was a wonderful venue for showing my Adam & Eve series. Evan and I helped to curate a show in the main gallery at the Carnegie with director, Matt Distel and artists Amanda Hogan Carlisle and Jessie Boone. This show was called, “Recongnized: Contemporary Portraiture”. It was a great experience and we had a wonderful turn out at the opening. My Adam & Eve series was under the umbrella of this theme of contemporary portraiture. I was very honored and excited to be showing my work in the Duveneck gallery for many reasons–it’s a fabulous space and I have always admired the artist Frank Duveneck, after whom the gallery is named. These photos don’t quite do the work justice, but they give a good sense of the scale of the work and how lovely the Duveneck gallery is.
Adam and Eve: A Portrait of Humanity

The Genesis narrative of creation has continued to fascinate me for years. As a portrait of humanity, it is ripe with psychological and spiritual fullness in its explanation of human nature. The story of Adam and Eve is a poignant illustration of how we were made with the capacity to choose love instead of fear, and how we deal with fear by feeling shame and hiding. We hide in a number of ways, both from ourselves and from each other. We often live under the masks of addiction and denial, all the while not realizing that we are hiding from God, and thus cutting ourselves off from the ultimate source of real love.

It seems that from the macro to the micro, humanity struggles with a deep-seated, toxic fear of self, God and others; and from this fear springs forth all the myriad problems and violence that plague our world today. Humans (and entire countries) are afraid of the sense of inferiority they feel in the presence of another who might have more or something ‘better’. Like Adam and Eve after eating the fruit, humans often feel naked and ashamed, and so there is a desperate attempt to cover that sense of being ‘less than’ by hiding, accumulating and insulating. This can manifest in a variety of ways: from consuming material goods and knowledge; creating weapons of mass destruction; taking drugs; over-indulging in food, exercise, spending; to lusting after power, control; to blaming others for our problems, and the list could go on and on . . . .

And yet before the fall, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. Their nudity was a potent symbol of the sense of confidence, safety, freedom, and peace they must have felt. They must have felt unconditionally accepted and loved just as they were, comfortable in their own skin. This is the illusive Eden we all long for: a world free from shame and fear. For me, that world is not so much a space as it is a person. Part of my goal in this series, was to come to a deeper understanding of this person, the Creator of all that I perceive and can’t perceive with my five senses. Historically, the Creator is often portrayed in art as detached, or as an angry judge; but in this series, it was my goal to depict Him as furiously in love with humanity, to the point of being willing to sacrifice what was most valuable to Him in order to ransom them.

Love by its very nature must be chosen; it can’t be forced. Because of that freedom of choice, there will always be the risk of humans choosing the opposing forces of love, such as fear, envy or malice. So perhaps it is absurd to expect to see a world of freedom and love. But I do believe that we experience hauntings of heaven here and there while we traverse this terrestrial plain. And by making a portrait of humanity in the persons of Adam and Eve, I am beginning to understand the redemptive power of love to bring about healing and restoration to anyone who would choose to receive it.

Alison Shepard, 24th of March, 2014

Major art opening June the 6th!

Alison and I are having a major art opening on June the 6th, 7-11pm at Synthetica gallery. Along with us, Sarah Frisch will showing some of here new work, which I can not wait to see.
We also are going to have DJ Lady Blue Blood spinning some down tempo beats. This will be a show you will not want to miss. We want this to be a party, as well as, an art opening!
Im not going to reveal to much of the work, but here is a sneak preview of one of my newest pieces. Im also working on the biggest painting of my career! 6’X8′ Youll have to come see it to believe it!