Mural Inspiration

This spring I rediscovered Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic book, Treasure Island. The first time I read it, I was about 12 or 13, so it was really neat to revisit this tale of adventure and the life of pirates and heroes. I’m a super fortunate girl, because my dad has a wonderful collection of old books, and so I actually read the 1911 Scribner’s version with the N.C. Wyeth illustrations.
treasure island

The illustrative style of N.C. Wyeth was a big inspiration for me in doing the Ohio River Mural on the Wooden Boat Shop. Maybe in looking at a few images by N.C., you’ll be able to see the influence on my color palette and handling of edges:
nc wyeth (1)
nc wyeth
‘The Giant’ and ‘David Balfour’ by N.C. Wyeth

I have always loved the Wyeths–N.C., Andrew, and Jamie–as well as Howard Pyle, the teacher of N.C. Wyeth. I have to admit, as an artist and teacher myself, I am completely fascinated by this incredible lineage of art-making that started with Pyle and his influence on his student N.C., and then carried on through son Andrew and grandson Jamie. The book Wondrous Strange is a little gem that shows works from all four generations, and I have often marveled and pored over the images that chronicle this artistic legacy.

And so I would be remiss in not also leaving you with some images by Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth and Howard Pyle too!
pyle attack
‘Attack’ and ‘Marrooned’ by Howard Pyle
Airborne by Andrew Wyeth
‘Airborne’ and ‘Trodden’ by Andrew Wyeth
The Rookery - Jamie Wyeth
‘The Rookery’ and ‘Thief’ by Jamie Wyeth